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2013 Excellence in Design Awards

Honor Award


David/Peese Residence

Category: Remodel/Adaptive Reuse

Architect: Gabriel Browne

Firm: Praxis Architects

Owners: James David and Gary Peese

Contractor: Praxis Ltd Company

Merit Award


Seton Ruins Stabilization

Category: Remodel/Adaptive Reuse

Architect: Beverley Spears

Firm: Spears Architecs

Owner: Academy for the Love of  Learning

Contractor: Wolf Corporation

Merit Award


Freeman Residence

Category: Single Family Residential

Architect: Michael Krupnick

Firm: Krupnick Studio LLC

Owner: Carrie and Brian Freeman

Contractor: Freeman Construction

Merit Award


Red Rock Residence

Category: Single Family Residential

Architect: Jon Dick

Firm: Archaeo Architets

Owner: Ralph and Judy Buchan

Contractor: Greg Ence Construction

Honorable Mention


College Town

Category: Commercial/Institutional


Concept and Design Architect -

Michael Krupnick

Executive Architect and Design Collaborator -

Brad Innes 

Firm: Krupnick Studio LLC

Owner: Alan Hooper

Contractor: Hooper Construction

Honorable Mention


Santo Domingo Trading Post

Phase One

Category: Historic Preservation

Architect: James Horn

Firm: Spears Architects

Owner: Santo Domingo Tribe

Contractor: Native American 

Housing Consultants LLC

Honorable Mention


Santa Fe Trails 

Bus Shelter Upgrade

Category: Small Projects

Architect: Alexander Dzurec

and Jaita Sahni

Firm: Autotroph

Owner: City of Santa Fe

Transit Division

Contractor: Meridian Construction

Design Awards Jury


Curtis W. Fentress, Chair

Michael O. Winters

Jeff Olson

Matthew Breest

John Stolze



Click here to download bios of the Jury.

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