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Continuing Education FAQ

AIA Santa Fe offers a variety of options to help fulfill continuing education requirements sanctioned by the State of New Mexico and required for AIA membership. The Chapter is a Continuing Education Provider for the AIA.
The Chapter offers a wide range of program formats—from conferences, lectures and workshops to seminars, online courses, self-study, and more—so members can find courses that will help them develop their expertise and serve their clients most effectively.
For the complete list of programs and activities, see the events calendar.

AIA Requirements


Members are required to earn 18 Learning Units (LU) per calendar year. Of those 18 LU, 12 must be Health, Safety, Welfare (HSW).
A member who exceeds the annual requirement may carry up to 18 LU hours (including 12 hours of HSW) over to the following calendar year. Carryover credit can be used for one year only; it is not cumulative. Only the number of credits needed to fulfill the annual requirement for the following year may be carried over. Extra credits may not be carried past the one-year limit.
A member who fails to meet the annual requirements will be given a 9 month grace period. Any credit earned during the 9 month grace period will apply towards the deficit and the grace period ends September 30. During the grace period, members are also able to report retroactively any activities that were completed in the previous year.



How do I access my transcript?

You access it online via CES Discovery – view the tutorial.

  1. Begin at

  2. Click the blue icon button "Go to Sign In" at the center of the page.

  3. Enter your email address and password.


How do I self-report?

You may submit online via CES Discovery – view the tutorial.

  1. Begin at

  2. Click the blue icon button “Go to Sign In” at the center of the page.

  3. Log-in using your primary email address and password.

  4. Select the “Self-reported Activities” tab.

  5. Scroll to the bottom and click “Add New.” Fill in the form and click “Save”. Once submitted, each self-report will be reviewed within 5 business days. If approved, the status will appear as “Approved.”


Can I self-report an HSW Credit?

As of December 2012, AIA Members can only self-report credits with an LU designation. HSW credits must be reported directly to AIA National by an approved continuing education provider

What if my credit is not showing on my transcript?

If you took a course through an AIA provider and the course does not show up on your transcript within 10 business days of the date in which you took the course, call AIA National at (800) 242-3837 (option 3) and provide the name of the course, the provider name and course number and they will contact the provider. If the course was organized by AIA Santa Fe, contact us at (505) 577-6545.


As a newly licensed member, am I required to earn LU hours?

New, first-time members of the AIA and members who upgraded from Associate membership are not required to complete the annual 18 LU hour (12 HSW) during the calendar year that they join. Your requirement will begin January 1 of the following year. However, records are kept for those who submit their activities. Please note, any credit received in the first year will not apply toward the following year’s requirement unless the member exceeds the 18 LU hour (12 HSW) requirement.

Can I waive my CEU requirements?

Yes, you can ask for a waiver of all or part of your requirements for any one year.  Click here to download the CES Waiver Form.

I am not a current member of AIA, can I still obtain an LU or HSW certificate from this chapter for attending events? 

Yes, the fee for obtaining a certificate from this chapter for events attended is $40 for non-members and $10 for non-members who have contributed (in volunteer services or monetary donations) to the Friends of Architecture Santa Fe.

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