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2019 Excellence in Design Awards

Honor Award

SITE Tomorrow


Category: Built

Firm: SHoP Architects

Architect of Record: Greg Allegretti AIA 

Jury Comments:

SITE Santa Fe is a beautifully crafted renovation and expansion of one of Santa Fe’s most prized cultural jewels. Working with a limited budget of $7.1 million for 36,000sf that some single family houses in the area require – a civic space is created that shades, celebrates, and becomes one of the most important markers of the new Railyard Park in the historic Santa Fe Railyard district. Providing both front of house as well as back of house spaces and insuring that all spaces were well proportioned and lit even within a warehouse typology insures that this “kunsthaus” space is futureproofed for the next decades.

Merit Award

Kopriva Residence

Category: Built

Firm: Archaeo Architects

Architects: Jon Dick AIA and Bradyn Furry AIA

Photographer: Jon Dick and Bradyn Furry

Jury Comments:

Kopriva Residence manages to breathe new life into an existing residence – one of the most noble and sustainable actions one can do. With a beautiful palette of rammed earth, stucco, and large steel and glass windows the existing residence is opened to the outdoors and new indoor and outdoor relationships are created. The wishes of the client for a contemporary residential compound have been achieved with elegance and exceptional restraint.

Southeast View.jpg
floor plan.jpg
Citation Award

Laguna House


Category: Built

Firm: Spears Horn Architects

Architect: James Horn AIA

Owner: Laguna Housing Development + Management Enterprise

General Contractor: Native American Housing Consultants

Photographer:  James Horn

Jury Comments:

Laguna House is an affordable house prototype that celebrates the most abundant material from the reservation land – Earth. Creating simple yet effective and efficient housing layouts the buildings can be built using abundant resources – compacted earthen bricks and local labour. It is housing by the people for the people and definitely deserves to be commended for its ambitions and support of the local building culture.


Laguna House #3.jpg
Laguna House #1.jpg
Innovation Award

Siler Yard: Arts + Creativity Center


Category: Conceptual

Firm: Atkin Olshin Schade Architects

Owner: New Mexico Inter-Faith Housing

Jury Comments:

Siler Yard: Arts + Creativity Center warrants a citation for addressing the issues of creating affordable and diverse housing opportunities utilizing a very progressive approach of outreach, community involvement and building respect to build much needed live/work spaces. Siler Yard reflects the needs of a buoyant artistic community but the judges do believe that the design and its urban character could have been a bit more adventurous and creative mirroring more the inhabitants it serves. As an unbuilt project the judges acknowledge the efforts that have brought the project to where it is now but also hope to plant the seed that Siler Arts can aspire to something more representative of its mission to become a home of an artistic community.  


Siler Yard #1.jpg
Siler Yard #2.jpg
Innovation Award

Pixelated Pueblo


Category: Conceptual

Firm: Autotroph

Architects: Alexander Dzurec AIA, Luca Marino-Baker

Jury Comments:

Pixelated Pueblo is a vision not only for a future of Santa Fe but more importantly the post retail landscape of big box retailers across America and how to reimagine a more dense, equitable and diverse city where once car culture, parking requirements and single use zoning ruled. By utilizing the creation of public policy’s new Midtown Local INnovation Corridor (LINC) Overlay District, Pixelated Pueblo reimagines how retail, housing, public realm and recreation can all co-exist and feed off of one another. This is a forward thinking project that should certainly be tried and prototyped to see if it warrants replication across the USA


Pixelated Pueblo #1.jpg
Pixelated Pueblo #2.jpg
2019 Design Jury

Kai-Uwe Bergmann, FAIA Chair

Alana Goldweit

Daniel Sundlin



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