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2023 Design Awards

Honor Award
Cementerio del Barrio de los Lipanes


Firm: MASS Design Group


 Jury Notes: A spatial reclamation of an indigenous burial ground as part of the struggle for cultural recognition of the Lipan Apache.

Initially, we wondered: Is this Architecture? But we all realized this project is about fundamental placemaking.

Striking in simplicity and layering of thinking with ultimate respect for its culture and purpose. Effortlessly respects culture, purpose, and land.

The design sensitively addresses site and materiality through the concept of the rippling gabion walls, creating a space for healing and gathering.


The Radiating rings suggests influence of past, opportunities for future and centrality of a singular subtle yet iconic idea  using a refreshing earth-work typology.

A beautiful, thoughtful, important project; a simple+graceful intervention that is scalable and respectful of the earth.

Merit Award
Vladem Contemporary


Firm: dnca + Studio GP

Architects of Record: Devendra N Contractor AIA, Deirdre Harris AIA, Graham Hogan


Jury notes: 

A well-executed building incorporating the existing structure but also creating a new landmark within the city.

Use of materials such as the folded aluminum screen creatively add another layer of meaning to the otherwise straightforward box-like forms.


Expressing Commodity-Firmness-Delight.


Strong diagram, Clean concept, handsome graphics.

An elegant building, well executed.

Merit Award
Ojo Caliente Historic Bath House

Category: Builg

Architect: Krupnick Studio LLC

Architect of Record: Michael Krupnick AIA

Ojo Caliente.jpg

Jury notes:

Respect for the Past

A successfully executed reconstruction of an existing bathhouse dealing admirably with a challenging site.

Expressing a regional tone in material color, form and detail, echoing the spirit of New Mexico.

Locally hand-made trusses and reclaimed material from the original building create an inventive, authentic, and appropriate historic reconstruction, telling the story of the original building while creating a modern and refined oasis.

Commendation Award
Twirl Playspace Airlock

Category: Built

Architect: Henry Architects LLC

Arichect of Record: Alix Henry AIA

Twirl Playspace Airlock.png

Jury notes:

A refreshingly bold colorful design.


The architect understood the assignment. Playful yet bespoke in an historic structure, it should make impact on Taos's youngest residents inspiring wonder and creativity.


Delightful, sensory success for a playful children’s environment. 

Commendation Award
Santa Fe Baked and Brew

Category: Built

Architect: Hoopes + Associates

Architects of Record: Craig Hoopes AIA, Charles Rosenburg, Kate Holland

SF Baked and Brew.jpg

Jury notes:

Simple and clear.  Adaptive reuse at a time when re-use is becoming more important than ever.

We originally appreciated this as a satisfying before-and-after transformation, but it is also a clever and responsible repurposing of a nostalgic existing structure into a community-serving space. And a truly remarkable achievment given the shoestring budget of $100,000! The client must be elated.


Proof that adaptive reuse does not have to be costly to create something new.

Commendation Award
Maul/Harnar Residence

Category: Built

Architect: Krupnick Studios LLC

Architect of Record: Michael Krupnick AIA

Maul Harner Residence.jpg

Jury notes:

Unique floating roof concept Structural Suspension gives a sense of weightlessness to the roof structure. This project stood out from other residential entries.


It reads as a multi-generational experiment in difficult sites, ethereal structures with experiential doors and furniture. 

The jury was intrigued to understand how, rather than imposing style or prefererences, the architect served as a medium for the owners to tell the story and pay homage to Jeff Harner, one of New Mexico’s originals.


The collaboration of Owner, Artist, and Architect succeeds in execution of an ‘idea’.

Light on the floor and ceiling are form-drivers emphasizing the lightness of structure. 

Some were hoping for less connection between the walls and ceiling to accent the floating roof.

Innovation Award
Caddo Nation Child Care Center

Category: Conceptural

Architect: MASS Design Group

Caddo National Child Care Center.jpg

Jury notes:

Clear delineation of the program into separate bars combining to form a modest, yet effective form. Basic but quite understandable.


Passive design and carbon reduction principles is commendable, and we hope the design will be pushed as the project goes forward.


The purpose and ultimate solution, while not yet fully refined, fulfills a mission and purpose that will serve the Caddo Nation and its people well. 

2023 Jury

Kimble Hobbs.jpg

Kimble Hobbs

Jury Chair

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Angela Schwab

Ravi Raj.jpg

Ravi Rab

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Scott Findley

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