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2017 Excellence in Design Awards 

Honor Award

Casa Cielo


Category: Single Family Residential

Firm: Satzinger Design Inc.

Architect: James A. Satzinger AIA

Builder: Satzinger Design Inc.

Photographer: Kate Russell

Jury Comments:

“Successful in its whole and its
parts; we appreciated the thoughtful
details--every window, corner,
header and beam seemed well

“A beautiful updating of a vernacular
type. The architects understood
adobe construction, but refined
it using modern construction
techniques. The use of heavy timber
to express structure and frame was
compelling, as was the use of space
to create layers of transparency
and to frame views. I appreciated
the care with which the architects
placed windows to direct the view
outward—extending space—while
also pulling light into the house.”

Honor Award

Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm


Category: Commercial/Industrial

Firm: Atkin Olshin Schade Architects

Architect: Shawn Evans AIA

Owner: Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm

Builder:G2i Construction

Photographer: Kate Russell/Doug Merriam

Jury Comments:

“Elegant weaving together of old and

“The project was presented beautifully,
from marvelous context photos down
to the detail of including a key/diagram
with images to locate views within the
expansive site.”

“I appreciated the care with which the
architects approached detailing,
materials and finishes. The project
had a virtually seamless integration
of modern and historic elements, with
the new pieces sensitively scaled and
articulated. Nice use of vernacular
materials such as corrugated
galvalume and board-formed concrete
to articulate differences between old
and new. Care was clearly taken with
organization of details, such as the
placement of paving and even the
joint-lines of the concrete. It all has an
admirable subtlety and honesty—no
one element overwhelms any other.”

Merit Award

Wa-Di Housing


Category: Commercial/Industrial

Firm: Atkin Olshin Schade Architects

Architects: Shawn Evans AIA

Contractor: Pavilion Construction

Photographer: Minesh Bacrania

Jury Comments:

“There is a meaningful conversation
between the carefully placed
buildings and the magnificent


“We especially appreciated the
social program of this project, and
the attention given to good design
on a tight budget. The project
makes great use of planning to
create compelling courtyard and
public spaces that invite views and
frame the surround landscape. We
imagine that as it’s fully inhabited
and the landscaping grows up,
with will become a dynamic, wellplanned
small community.”

Merit Award

Hooghan Hozho


Category: Commercial/Industrial

Firm: TGA

Architect: Thomas Gifford AIA

Owner: CARE 66

Contractor: Pavilion Construction

Photographer: Kirk Gittings

Jury Comments:

“A vibrant place to be, with varied
spaces that are integrated by scale,
color, and composition!”


“This project was well-sited within
its urban context, making use of
elevation changes and a varied
streetscape to give the project a
human scale. The interior created
a dynamic space, by vertically
layering the public courtyards.
A compelling use of color as a
subtle reference to Navajo blankets
and basketry, as well as to the
horizontality and colors of the local

Merit Award
OTA Contemporary

Category: Commercial/Industrial

Firm: Hoopes + Associates, Architects

Architect: Craig Hoopes AIA and David O'Brien

Owner: Kiyomi and Ed Baird

Contractor: Prull & Associates

Photographer: Kate Russell

Jury Comments:

“The interior is washed in a soft light,
catching subtle exterior reflections
while allowing the artwork to be fully


“Nice reinterpretation of an urban
adobe structure. The exterior is
subtle and contextual, but leads to
expansive interiors with clean details
(we especially liked the baseboard
to door-jamb reveal.) The courtyard
is the most compelling space in the
project, with care given to materials
(corten vs stainless steel) and the
overall organization of the space.”

Citation Award

WIC Offices 


Category: Unbuilt

Firm: Spears Horn Architects

Architect: James Horn AIA

Owner: Five Sandoval Indian Pueblos WIC Program

Contractor: Not Applicable

Photographer: James Horn

Jury Comments:

“We appreciated the potential of
this well-conceived project and
the significant contribution it would
make to the community.”


"We were
interested in the social agenda
of this project, as well as its
reinterpretation of a vernacular
type into a more modern structure.
Compared to nearby mixed-use
developments, the WIC maintains a
nice sense of scale and materiality.
The punched openings, entryway,
porches and other details were
generous and well-conceived.”

2017 Design Awards Jury

Carlos Jimenez, Chair

Nonya Grenader, FAIA

Matt Johnson, AIA



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