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2022 Design Awards

Honor Award
East Side Historical Renovation


Firm: Hoopes + Associates

Architect of Record: Craig Hoopes AIA

Eastside Historical Home.jpg

Jury notes: This renovation and addition were skillfully designed to add space to the historic home without overwhelming its original structure or losing the intimate quality of its interior spaces. Its exterior is quiet and respectful, with the addition woven seamlessly to the quirky original dwelling. It was obvious that great care was taken in working out every precious corner of space, all the way from small nooks of space inside to the development of the shared auto-court and the overall site. The result is a quintessential Santa Fe house, beautifully nestled into an oddly configured site and exuding charm and mystery.

Merit Award
11th Avenue Hotel


Firm: BlueSky Studio

Architect of Record:Joe Simmons AIA

11th Avenue Hotel.jpg

Jury notes: This project used its highly restrictive budget well. We were very happy to see this handsome building secure historic protections including National Register status and regain its usefulness as a hostel. It provides a very affordable option in the Museum District of Denver that can be expensive.

Innovation Award
Aguas Efimeras

Category: Conceptual

Architect: KeVaughn Harding, Associate AIA

Aguas Efimeras.jpg

Jury notes: This project did a wonderful job of bringing the pragmatic together with the lyrical. The form of the architecture so effectively models the process of cleaning the life sustaining water for this specific culture and its spiritual practices. To further enhance the symbolism of the building, it is surrounded by marigold gardens celebrating life and death. It does what conceptual projects are supposed to do; remind us that buildings can and should solve problems and inspire. The drawings were especially evocative and easily understood.

Innovation Award
Snow Country Prison Memorial

Category: Conceptual

Architect: MASS Design Group

Snow Country Prison.jpg

Jury notes:

How beautiful that one project can so effectively and seamlessly embody the healing practices of two different cultures in one place! We appreciated the historical context that was provided which illustrated that the land has made full circle from being Native American through being taken by the U.S. government for a military compound, used to inter Japanese Americans during


WWII, and eventually reverting to the United Tribes as an educational campus. The memorial is approachable and poetically contains the Japanese ideas of kintsugi and ganebatte and the Native American traditions of storytelling to provide both education and healing spaces. We especially loved the idea of fitting origami cranes into the rift/wound/kintsugi seam of the curved wall inscribed with the names of the interned Japanese Americans.

Innovation Award
Fibonacci Scones

Category: Architectural Accessories

Firm: Archaeo Architects

Architect: Jon Dick AIA

Fibonacci Sconces.jpg

Jury notes:

This submission explored compositional variations using the Fibonacci sequence.

It is nice to see an architectural detail that allows for variation within the project while maintaining discipline and consistency. Deploying the Fibonacci sequence is a nice way to accomplish this. The resulting five designs allowed us to see how the designer played with composition and scale. Unsurprisingly, the sconces also feel Mondrian-esque which did, in fact, complement the exterior architectural color palette.

2022 Jury

heather-h-mckinney head shot.jpg

Heather McKinney,

Jury Chair

Michael Hsu 9.21.22.jpg

Michael Hsu

Camille Jobe 9.21.22.jpg

Camille Jobe

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