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2021 Design Awards 

Honor Award
Foster House


Firm: Blue Sky Studios

Architect of Record: Joe Simmons AIA

Jury notes: The jury was hung on this project mainly because of its absolutely stunning interior with great light and space but with busy exterior material and color palette. Also, the container story has been told many time across the landscape but we all could see ourselves living inside the space which is quite modern with great proportions and clean lines. 

Merit Award
131 + House


Firm: Spears Horn Architects

Architect of Record: James Horn AIA

Jury notes: The jury was quite impressed with the approach to the project blending the old and the new yet using the modern material palette. We also felt that the interiors were tastefully done with good sense of proportion and light. Sustainability played an important role with rain water harvesting and passive solar strategies to help the environment. The plan had a good sense of graphics too that got our attention. Moreover, the house is a compact, modest and simple dwelling with attention to details.  

Merit Award
Robin House

Category: Conceptual

Firm: B Public Pre Fab

Architects of Record: J.D. Scott AIA, Jonah Stanford AIA, Natasha Ribeiro Associate AIA

Jury notes: The jury was quite impressed with the innovative approach more than the aesthetics. The innovation with alternative ways of building with prefab panelized systems to achieve energy efficiency which is the global need of the time and this project has delivered exactly that. Architectural expression is compromised in the process.  However, the jury chose research and sustainability over architecture, therefore, the project deserved the Merit Award to promote innovation.

Foster House.jpg
131 House.jpg
Robin House.jpg

2021 Jury

Amit Upadye Head Shot Cropped.jpg

Amit Upadye, Jury Chair

Elena Rocchio Headshot Cropped.jpg

Elena Rocchio

Claudio Vekstein headshot Cropped.jpg

Claudio Vekstein

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