Santa Fe Chapter Strategic Plan 2021-2025

Below is our chapter's current strategic Plan for 2021 through 2025. A downloadable one-sheet is available here. Our current Vice-President, Stan Andrews, tracks our adherence to the plan by recording chapter activities organized by the goals found in the plan. Status reports are reviewed at executive committee meetings and published quarterly. This allows us as a chapter to understand where we are succeeding and where we need more programming or other action to sufficiently support the Strategic Plan. This tracking will also help us to decide where adjustments need to be made in future edits of the plan. Quarterly Reports are published below. Click the link to see the PDF copy of the Status Report.

Q1 2021 Strategic Plan Implementation Status Report (April)

Q2 2021 Strategic Plan Implementation Status Report (June)

Q3 2021 Strategic Plan Implementation Status Report (October) 

2021-2025 Goals
These goals will be used to create programs and activities in support of the Strategic Initiatives: