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2020 Honor Award Recipient

Architectural Service Award
Tom Spray
Executive Director
Santa Fe Chapter
American Institue of Architects

"Our chapter has a tradition of honoring people in our community, who, although not architects, have made a major contribution to the practice of Architecture. Their knowledge, their passion about the built environment, and their sustained efforts have given a positive result within our town. Through their efforts locally, they have been ambassadors within our community. Tom has been our executive director for the past many years, and he has not only carried out his duties in an impeccable manner, but has been a guiding light for our chapter. Our officers cycle through the executive committee, but our executive director has been steadfast in his understanding of the needs and operations of our chapter. He has tirelessly and gently guided us in every aspect of our chapter's activities, finances, and responsibilities. He is always there for us and has the diplomacy to treat everyone with respect and equanimity. His grace and humor, kindness, and wisdom make serving on the executive committee a pleasure." - Beverley Spears, FAIA

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