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Achieving Project Truth through Style Consistency

Thursday October 24, 2019

The truth of a space is intuitive, sensorial and kinesthetic. Spaces with truth have a generosity of spirit which can impact and transform. Designing with truth allows teams to easily differentiate between truth and non-truth when using a style taxonomy devoid of personal preferences.


Learning Objective 1



•   Define the difference between style which is intrinsic and trends which are historically momentary.

•   Develop a project taxonomy and visual lexicon that elevate the truth of the project.


Learning Objective 2

  Deep Dive

•   Utilizing the methodology, assess a project and identify its style position.

•   Analyze the touchpoints.

•   Where and how is project in alignment with style position?

•   Where and how is project out of alignment with style position?



Learning Objective Ste 3 

Project DNA

•   Describe the essence of the project in 2-5 sentences.

•   Support description with visuals.

•   Predict experiential need/needs generated by selected style position.


Learning Objective 4 


Using a style taxonomy and visual lexicon for efficient team communication, participants will identify a style position, verify out of alignment touch points and propose a solution. The proposed solution will include a recommendation for site, materials, furniture and/or experiential need/needs identified style position may create.

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