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AIA Santa Fe Information and Contacts

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General Questions and Comments

Conrad Skinner,  President

(505) 577-5689


Bill Neuhaus, Secretary

Organizational Issues

Tom Spray, Executive Director

(505) 577-6545

Associate Information (ARE Study Materials)

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The AIA Santa Fe supports the recommended mission of its national organization, “to serve architects and their clients by promoting ethical, educational, and practical standards for the profession and by advocating excellence in design, defined but not restricted to aesthetics, functionality, constructability, and cost-effectiveness.”


In recent years, the AIA Santa Fe has pursued this mission through participation in many local planning issues, including  a significant role in shaping a vital redevelopment plan for the Santa Fe Railyard area.


AIA Santa Fe has created and continues to support the AIA Santa Fe Sustainable Endowment, as well as the Bradley P. Kidder endowed Memorial Scholarship in conjunction with the University of New Mexico School of Architecture + Planning.

News, Opportunities, and Events

AIA Santa Fe alerts our members to news, business opportunities, and events in the community through our website and email announcements.

Continuing Education

AIA Santa Fe provides and sponsors opportunities for continuing education for our members and others in the architecture community. In addition to sponsored classes, each monthly meeting offers 1 hour of continuing education credit for AIA architects.

Friends of Architecture Santa Fe

Friends of Architecture Santa Fe is the sister organization of AIA Santa Fe.  It's mission is to enhance and foster awareness, knowledge and appreciation of architecture and the built environment.


By promoting and supporting a diverse array of programs and activites, Friends provides learning opportunities for both the public and design professionals. More information is available at the Friends website here.

Projector and Screen Rental

AIA has a projector and screen available to our members for free rental.   Contact Executive Director Tom Spray for information.

Non Profit Status

The Santa Fe Chapter received unincorporated status on October 8, 1964 and was established as a 501 c 6 non-profit corporation on June 8, 1987. Chapter By-laws govern the activity of the chapter and the jurisdiction includes eight other northern New Mexico counties in addition to Santa Fe. 

Anti Trust Compliance and Code of Ethics

The Chapter follows the guidance of AIA National regarding anti-trust issues.  The Antitrust Compliance Guidelines are here.  In keeping with the requirements of the policy, the component and its members will comply strictly with all laws, including federal and state antitrust laws, that apply to AIA operations and activities. All meetings will be conducted in full compliance with those laws.

All members of the Chapter also follow the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct here.

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AIA Santa Fe | 444 Galisteo Street | Santa Fe NM 87501

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